Champa Gali: Capital’s Very Own Secret Parisian Corridor and a Walkway to Cultural Paradise

Amidst the chaos of Delhi, lies Champa Gali…

Evolution and Transformation

A few years back, Champa Gali — earlier known as Khasra Number 258 was a home of cow shades and a number of furniture workshops have now morphed into a Parisian passageway and the venue for ad-lib poetry evening, book launches, music gigs, making the place an ultimate spot on the city’s culinary and cultural map. But still, the question is how all these transformations happened? Let's unearth the facts and journey of Champa Gali from a cow kennel to Parisian heaven.

Places You Should Indulge in When in Champa Gali:

1. Meet The Chai Chef in The City at Jug-Mug Thela



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Sanjay Gowda

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