Champa Gali: Capital’s Very Own Secret Parisian Corridor and a Walkway to Cultural Paradise

Sanjay Gowda
4 min readFeb 27, 2021


Amidst the chaos of Delhi, lies Champa Gali…

Champa Gali, a less explored, hidden, quirky alley in South Delhi is New Delhi’s best kept secret Parisian corridor and a hidden treasure of cultural and culinary delight. Once an alley thronged with cowsheds, this place has metamorphosized into a cultural and culinary hub, akin to a full-fledged Parisian walk away. That’s right! You have got to explore it to believe it. From cafes, design studios, reading rooms to the handicraft shops Champa Gali springs many thought-provoking surprises and secured a thriving footfall of expatriate who loves the ambiance of the street and the contemporary foods presented over here. Let's walk through the aisle of this Parisian paradise and unearth some of its best kept hidden gems.

Evolution and Transformation

A few years back, Champa Gali — earlier known as Khasra Number 258 was a home of cow shades and a number of furniture workshops have now morphed into a Parisian passageway and the venue for ad-lib poetry evening, book launches, music gigs, making the place an ultimate spot on the city’s culinary and cultural map. But still, the question is how all these transformations happened? Let's unearth the facts and journey of Champa Gali from a cow kennel to Parisian heaven.

Kuldeep Singh, a 52-year-old, bus driver, and contractor, is being sought out by many suave, an English-speaking entrepreneur, all aspire to rent a piece of land he owns in Saidulajab village in south Delhi. His next-door neighbor Shailesh Mehta used to come to Champa Gali as a customer and fell in love with the place. But it took him a decent period of time to persuade Kuldeep Singh, whom he fondly calls “Tau”, to let him rent his place which, he says, was a junkyard.

As soon as Mr. Mehta convinced Mr. Singh, he started working on his vision after a few months of hard work he came up with Morellos, a cafe with a distinct Goan feel, and joined the league of the Champa Gali establishments. Since the owner of this place is very strict towards alcohol so he always ensures that no alcohol is served in any of his cafes making Champa Gali completely non-alcoholic. While Mr. Singh is not aware of how his Khasra came to be called Champa Gali, he is happy that Saidulajab, the Yadav-dominated village, is transforming rapidly. So this is all about Champa Gali and Mr. Mehta, who is pretty happy with his journey from being a customer to an owner of a cafe in the street.

Places You Should Indulge in When in Champa Gali:

1. Meet The Chai Chef in The City at Jug-Mug Thela

2. Take A Vietnamese Culinary Journey With Pho King Awesome

3. Score Beautiful Pieces of Fashion, Home Decor At Filling Spaces

4. Snuggle Into Kashmiri Culture With Cafe Hameen Asto

5. Dig Into Hand Crafted Home Decor Items From Renu & Rekha

6. Take In The Sunset & Romance With SOHO Bistro & Cafe

7. Get A Load Of The Best Haircuts At R’s Just Hair

8. Learn The Basics of F&B Industry At Caara Kitchen

9. The Lantern Meet of Poets and Writers Again at Jug-Mug Thela

10. End Your Day At Ever So Pleasant Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

There is no better place to think, write and meet like-minded people than Champa Gali. The place offers the best retreat in the city and possesses the vibes of a rural French street with cafes that offer such a fantabulous blend of coffee and culture. It encompasses everything that other urban villages in the city are deprived of.



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