Your One-Stop Guide to the 20 Best Champagne Brands in India

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Every special occasion deserves Champagnes! Whether you are celebrating a wedding, toasting with your friends, or looking for a little something fancy to sip as you dine, Champagne is a sparkling choice for a light, delicious, and crowd-pleasing beverage. But choosing a bottle of bubbly with different factors to consider makes it a stressful job and this is where we come to the rescue with a curated list of 20 Best Champagnes Brands in India. So be a little selective now and dedicate your special moment with the best of the piece it deserves. Sparkle like champagne, Cheers !!

1. Dom Perignon Champagne

One of the best of the lot is Dom Perignon Champagne. It is one of the best Champagne brands in India which was invented by monk Dom Pierre Perignon. It comes in two varietieschardonnay and pinot noir. The perfect blend of spices, smoke, sweet yellow pepper, saffron, rainwater, and mustard seed with a creamy and dense structure makes it one of the kind.

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Dom Perignon Champagne Price In India: 17,000 INR Approx

2. Laurent Perrier Champagne

Higher the price, better the quality’ — proving this phrase wrong comes next on the list of the best Champagne brands in India is Laurent Perrier Champagne founded by Monsieur Laurent in 1812 giving a rich aroma of ripe red fruit and loaded with great freshness without affecting your pocket. The vineyards of Alan Terrier is the place from where it is originated.

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Laurent Perrier Champagne Price In India: 4000 INR Approx

3. Krug Champagne

Still using the old school method and storing in the small oak casks to age this legendary champagne, which was founded by Johann Joseph King in 1843 is the reason why the taste has been consistent throughout the last six generations. This vintage wine is a blend of 47 different wines from 25 different villages and also 10 different vintages. It promises the crunchiness of the nuts which is complemented by the sweetness of honey.

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Krug Champagne Price In India: 6000 INR Approx

4. Ayala Champagne

The vineyards of Ayala located in Montagne de Remis is the home of this 1860 originated champagne. Handpicking the best range of grapes and turning them into this mesmerizing beverage makes it worth spending a little over 5000 bucks to get a balanced blend of Chardonnay, pinot noir, and pinot meunier. The fruity wine gets its structure from apples, green plums, and bright citrus.

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Ayala Champagne Price In India: 5500 INR Approx

5. Taittinger Champagne

Launched way back in 1932 Taittinger Champagne is named after the owner of the vineyardPierre Taittinger. The crispy texture of this champagne is well appreciated all over the world.

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Taittinger Champagne Champagne Price In India: 6000 INR Approx

6. Duval Leroy Champagne

The silky texture accompanied by delicate acidity running through the tastebuds making one fall in love with the Duval Leroy champagne. The subtle flavor of blueberry, honey, and the smokiness of almond just adds to it. This Champagne is made of the special Chardonnay grapes which can be found only in the sprawling vineyard located in Vertus making it unique.

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Duval Leroy champagne Price In India: 5000 INR Approx

7. Pol Roger Champagne

This champagne, one of the favorites of Sir Winston Churchill, is primarily known for its elegance in flavor. Aging champagne is an art that has been perfected by the cellar of this particular sparkling drink and this is why it is renowned for its vintage collection. Grapes from the vineyard of Epernay located in France giving it a slight bitterness.

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Pol Roger Champagne Price In India: 3500 INR Approx

8. Dom Ruinart Champagne

Old is Goldis what this champagne house is known for worldwide. The Dom Ruinart Champagne is making people happy since 1729 with a beautiful golden-colored sparkling wine proving the above proverb. At first, the wine will give the taste of coconut, chestnut, and fresh bread which changes very soon to aromas of flowers and citrus fruits with an aftertaste of iodized saline and minerals.

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Dom Ruinart Champagne Price In India: 11,500 INR Approx

9. Besserat Champagne Cuvée Des Moines

Besserat’s most renowned champagne range, Cuvée des Moines, was named in honor of the early Benedictine monks. The winemaking technique used for this champagne range employs a reduced dosage, which lowers the bottle pressure about one atmosphere so that the champagne is soft, creamy, and packed with tiny bubbles. This champagne, dressed in a pure vibrant yellow, offers a citrus note combined with floral notes of honeysuckle and acacia. It has a fine mousse and a creamier texture. This prestige cuvée whose only 7,000 bottles are being released has bubbles that are 30% finer than other champagnes of its class.

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Besserat Champagne Cuvée Des Moines Champagne Price In India: 9000 INR Approx

10. Louis Roederer Champagne

Roederer’s NV Brut Premier is a classic and blends about 40% Pinot Noir with 20–25% and Chardonnay. Two-thirds of the grapes come from estate vineyards, one-third is purchased. The Champagne typifies the best in the non-vintage brut categoryfresh core fruit aromas, elegant textures, apple/citrus flavors, and a lively crispness in the finish. One of the rare champagnes in the world, therefore, the price is so.

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Louis Roederer Champagne Price In India: 20,000 INR Approx

11. Moet and Chandon Imperial

Crafted from more than 100 different wines, of which 20% to 30% are reserve wines specially selected to enhance their maturity, complexity, and constancy. The color of the champagne is a classic golden straw yellow with green highlights. Its aroma is radiant, divulge bright yellow-fleshed fruits, honey, and elegant blond notes of fresh nuts. The palate is seductive, flavorful, and smooth combining generosity and subtlety followed by delicately fresh crispiness to reveal the magical balance of Champagne.

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Moet and Chandon Imperial Champagne Price In India: 4000 INR Approx


Palmes D’Or — Champagne as a work of art” A champagne for those seeking the finer things in life, this prestigious cuvée celebrates a subtle, creamy style, backed by wonderfully nuanced aromas, in perfect unison, note by note. Palmes d’Or Brut 2006 offers endless notes of fine honey, bee’s wax, dried fruits, and tropical fruits, together with a subtle, nuanced touch of toast. Over the time the grand cru wines dominating the blend express minerality, notably the pinot noir from Montagne de Reims, and come together in a burst of harmony, merging with the intensity of Montgueux.

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PALMES D’OR Champagne Price In India: 16,000 INR Approx

13. G.H. Mumm Brut Cordon Rouge

Mumm Cordon Rouge champagne is the heartbeat of Maison Mumm. This vivacious Champagne is almost crunchy in texture, showing harmony to the flavors of white peach, grated ginger, clover honey, and candied lemon zest. It has a complex blend sourced from over 100 different crus which delivers a mouthwatering, chalk-tinged finish. A long aging provides additional flavors of vanilla, roasted nuts, and a hint of toast.

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G.H. Mumm Brut Cordon Rouge Champagne Price In India: 3500 INR Approx

14. Veuve Clicquot, Brut Yellow Label NV

Veuve Clicquot Champagne, one of the most famous Champagnes in the world. The well-known “Yellow Label” represents quality to so many people. Since 1772, Yellow Label Brut showcases the fine art of blending. With a predominance of Pinot Noir to provide a typical structure, a touch of Meunier rounds out the blend whilst Chardonnay adds elegance and finesse. Grapes from as many as 50 to 60 different types go to the blending of Yellow Label. A full-bodied Champagne, this has been enriched by reserve wines to add depth and smoky lees intensity to its brisk, youthful elements. It’s a satisfying Brut to go along with any appetizer.

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Veuve Clicquot, Brut Yellow Label NV Champagne Price In India: 4500 INR Approx

15. Ace Of Spade Rose

The Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades Rosé is amongst the finest examples of the famous pink Champagne blend ever conceived and is packaged in a brilliant pink-gold bottle with matching adornments. Its beautiful color is achieved through assemblage, the process by which sparkling white wine is blended with a proportion of still Pinot Noir wine. The Rosé is announced with a rich bouquet of red fruits with delicate, smoky grilled notes behind. It is fresh and full-bodied on the palate with aromas of strawberries and blackcurrant and is lingering and complex in its finish. Armand de Brignac Rosé is produced in extremely limited quantities. It is one of the most expensive champagnes in the world.

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Ace Of Spade Rose Champagne Price In India: 80,000 INR Approx

16. Canard-Duchene

One of the best in itself! This world-famous champagne is greatly acclaimed by the people for its rich taste, which is very delicate and has a silky texture. The mouthwatering taste of this magical liquid is full of various flavors like smoked almond, blackcurrant, honey, chalk, and candied lemon zest.

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Bessert Champagne De Bellefon Price In India: INR 7500 Approx

17. Chandon Brut

Undoubtedly one of the topmost champagne brands in India Chandon Brut is bright orange-pink in shade. Promises a fairly strong taste note with moderate sparkling, Chandon Brut boasts of excellent and lingering notes of apple, strawberry, grape, and orange. It sprays very well after the flacon is agitated and an excellent piece for those special occasions whose memories you wish to cherish.

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Bessert Champagne De Bellefon Price In India: INR 5000 Approx

18. Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut

Made out of the different vintage wines from the Champagne region of France, this champagne brand in India is very popular and specially crafted for champagne lovers. Delight to taste and smell with a soft note of apple, grapes, cherries and a slight hint of chocolate Bollinger Special Cuvee Brut is the right champagne to celebrate your promotion.

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Bessert Champagne De Bellefon Price In India: INR 4500 Approx

19. Cattier

Getting a flacon of Cattier may not be that easy in India but the same implies with most of the best Champagne brands in India. They cost fairly high and are low on alcohol- something that Indian drinkers shun. Crystal pink and stronger sparkling, Cattier champagne is definitely worth the price. Its first notes are a blend of fruity and floral with an aftertaste of chocolate and berries.

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Bessert Champagne De Bellefon Price In India: INR 40,000 Approx

20. Billecart-Salmon

Billecart-Salmon is also fairly difficult to get in smaller cities. However, you would definitely be able to order a bottle at some five-star hotel, Duty-Free, or an upscale wine merchant. Leaves a wonderful floral aftertaste, Billecart-Salmon is a deep clear pink champagne that would remind you of a floral fragrance. The top notes are very subtle and consist of grapes, earth, citrus, orange, and cedar. Excellent for corporate parties, if you are celebrating something really grand.

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Bessert Champagne De Bellefon Price In India: INR 8000 Approx

So which one of these lovely bubblies are you going to pop up on the next occasion?


A. Interesting Facts About Champagne




B. What is the difference between Champagne and Sparkling Wine?

1. The easy and short answer is that sparkling wine can only be called Champagne if it comes from the region of Champagne, France, which is just outside of Paris. Further, champagne can only be made using Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier.

To clarify, all Champagne is a sparkling wine, but not all sparkling wine is Champagne. We really should think of Champagne in terms of a geographical place as opposed to a winemaking style.



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